What Successful People Know about Top Producer Formula

Top Producer Formula is the best product about selling and sponsoring. David Wood, founder of Empower Network is taking all the mystery out of internet promoting and moving it into the Top Producer Formula.

This is a finished bundle for anybody hoping to make online vicinity, fabricate a virtual business and profit on the web.

David Wood has offered more individuals some assistance with achieving more accomplishment in Relationship Marketing and Direct Selling in the most recent five years than any other person I for one know of, and he is going to lay it all hanging in the balance in the Top Producer Formula.

David has helped several 1000’s of business people leap forward to new levels of progress and procure more cash, while making a way of life of time and opportunity. His organization, Empower Network, has created over $130 million in deals for the general population who are a piece of it. Actually, he’s tutored 13 checked moguls toward their prosperity and he’s determined to make 10 times that numerous every year.

What’s more, now, David is welcoming you to join in a “first-of-its-kind noteworthy occasion” … a LIVE WebCast. This ONE-TIME-ONLY, LIVE online occasion is totally centered around making gigantic accomplishment for you in your business!

The educational programs of the framework uncovers one of a kind offering methodologies that backing your change and responsiveness towards your business. The attentive strategies in these promoting modules have created over $160 million for offshoots, individuals, and clients in pay outs since October 2011.

Presently, ALL of Empower Network’s history, hustle and heart is moved up into the Top Producer Formula.

What sort of data would I be able to hope to discover in Top Producer Formula?

EN’s TPF is separated into 13 modules, of which underneath you can read a brief breakdown of what visual cues of each:


For one thing, you ought to dependably have your attention on salary creating, cash making exercises in the event that you need to make monetary progress and all the way of life buildup that accompanies it. Those exercises are: creating new deals and prospecting/enrolling. Concentrating on different exercises won’t offer you some assistance with creating impact, support the ritzy pioneers, fabricate huge associations or help you achieve the way of life flexibility you fancy.

It is not your obligation to rehash the wheel. Until you’re making at least $30,000 a month, your emphasis ought to be on offering and supporting. Apologies, nothing else. One of the main motivations why individuals neglect to ever get genuine results is because of a ‘filthy myth’ that is coasting around in this calling which is that we’re advised it’s simple when we get in.


Your internal convictions influence your business and when they’re not serving you, you should transform them. To be a Top Producer you should distinguish which restricting convictions and qualities are keeping you down and supplant them with positive constraining convictions and qualities, which will empower you to move in a bearing, that is going to offer you some assistance with creating results.

Your convictions, the data in your psyche, your qualities, the distance to your activities should be in finished and aggregate arrangement. You must be adjusted in a solitary bearing on the off chance that you need to fulfill your results, in the event that you need to make a major result, on the off chance that you need to make a major group, on the off chance that you need to select many people and in the event that you need to offer a considerable measure of items.

An awesome open door will energize individuals to join. Your confidence in your group and their capacity to succeed is the thing that will energize individuals to sit tight.


Turning into a Lead Capture Page Demigod.

Dave’s uncommon visitors will share firmly monitored privileged insights that actually nobody else knows, including the EXACT 5 top-performing lead pages and WHY they work to get you a bigger number of leads than ANYTHING else… and a mystery instrument that industry-insiders use to make the most astounding changing over lead pages with under 9 mouse clicks!

Whatever you call’em, these are the most critical web enlisting apparatuses that you MUST know like the back of your hand:

Engage Network CMO, Mars, Rob Rammuny, Resident Marketing Prodigy, who’s worked out a percentage of the most astounding performing Lead Capture pages in web showcasing, are likewise sharing characteristics of mindfulness with regards to page setup, design, structure and stream. Together, Mars and Rob are demonstrating how the geniuses and specialists do it…


You profit by offering something and to do that you should fabricate a rundown, present to the rundown and close the rundown.

The imperative thing to comprehend about anything that works is that it’s not the procedure that is making it work. The system is only an approach to make the guideline behind what you’re doing work.


In this LIVE piece Dave gets to the base of why centering in on issues and arrangements is the quickest approach to construct the affinity that makes individuals react to your informing. On top of that… You’ll discover how to effectively create trust-based connections that will set you up to offer WITHOUT offering.

The initial phase in selecting and inspiring somebody to take a gander at a presentation is you should make affinity and quality with the goal individuals should take a gander at something. Compatibility is responsiveness. In the event that you need to enroll, you require somebody who reacts to you such as you have social power. In the event that individuals react to the way you carry on and react to your inquiries, they react to your vitality. The vast majority construct their business relying upon the aptitudes of individuals in their group. The issue is that their group doesn’t have any abilities.


Concentrate on online techniques, for example, Facebook, Craigslist and Online Magazines to get prompts neighborhood occasions. It’s vital to have a particular procedure from room set-up to how acquaintances are made with how testimonials are shared to how your presentation is shared so you can be most adequately in conveying your offering and changing over deals


Correspondence is the main ability to overwhelming and to building a fruitful business that has heart and life span. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the right things to ask, you will leave your prospect pondering what you are discussing and what you need them to do. Constraining them to discover somebody that lets them know what to do next, and how to purchase.

Most people groups greatest trepidation is requesting the deal. This module will let you know precisely what to say and when to say it.


As a pioneer to your group and association it is your obligation to show others how its done. In case you’re not going to get in the top bundle you can in your business, in what capacity would you be able to anticipate that anybody will consider you important?

The two approaches to upsell individuals in your association are to show others how its done and to contact their center yearnings, which are one to two stages underneath what they say they need.

The same discussions can normal $1,000 instead of $25 when you concentrate on getting to somebody’s center goals.

In the event that you don’t have data about what they need, you have no influence.

Concentrate on their center wishes isn’t only to sponsor additionally to lead your group. In the event that you don’t recognize what your group needs, you can’t offer them some assistance with getting it and you can’t impact them.


There’s a 12-stage recipe to making presentations that goes crosswise over various mediums of presentations from the Internet, to telephone calls to inn gatherings.

1.Get their consideration

2.Develop a relationship

3.Earn the Right

4.Clarify their issue

5.Show them an answer

6.Set clear desires

7.Provide social verification

8.Present the advantages

9.Provide an overwhelming offer

10.Take away their danger

11.Give them motivation to make a move

12.Provide a reasonable invitation to take action


Dialect to welcome individuals to a group home base:

We’re going to do an exceptional group home base where we’re going to show you a few procedures to manufacture your business speedier, profit and enroll more individuals with less work. Could I depend on you to make it?

Your deals will go down if your attention is on helping everybody. It’s critical to concentrate on creating.

You will produce more deals and make more upsells when you understand you can’t help everybody. You restrain access to yourself and individuals on your group in gatherings.

Instruct individuals to give results-based testimonials which are compact, discuss prior and then afterward the issue, then the arrangement and what happened particularly therefore.

Enchantment shutting equation:

“What did you like best about the presentation?”

“Yes, I suspected as much, as well. It sounds like you’re prepared to begin.”

“How would you need your name spelled on your checks?”

“Welcome on board. We’re having a group call tomorrow night. It’s private. I’m going to send you a selective welcome to our Facebook bunch.


Utilizing online and disconnected from the net advertising, Keala instructs how to influence the Internet to pack a room brimming with prospects to influence a presentation. Objective is to quit being the seeker and begin being the chased. He shows you how to influence the Internet to robotize your enrollment process for your live occasion. He shares apparatuses to mechanize the procedure without picking up the telephone. Keala shows particular insights about making an occasion channel including enrollment page, thank you page and email correspondence. What’s more, instructs how to do this without utilizing the telephone and shares every single particular apparatus and connections.


Doing live gatherings will compel you to motivate individuals to go to, your relational abilities will begin to enhance, and you’ll begin getting okay at doing suggestions to take action. When you appear live before individuals every week, you’ll begin to add to an alluring after. When you’re willing to associate with individuals, you’ll build the measure of offers you do from little lists.


With no vision you have no guide. Individuals take after visionaries that can help them see what they need in their future, figuring out how to impart your vision to the world is the way you make long lasting supporters that continue purchasing what you bring to the table.

5 Commandments

In conclusion you will take in the 5 Commandments that will take your business to the following level. Center Commandments of Being a Top Producer, you can begin drawing in a boundless number of prompts YOU quicker than you ever have some time recently.

These Commandments are the “missing connection” that six and seven figure relationship advertisers realize that others doesn’t. This makes selecting and offering as effortless as rounding out a limitless ticket to ride.

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