Solar Energy Project sells 10 Million Token in just 3 hours

SOLARIO is disrupting the global energy industry by combining a patented, 3.8 times more efficient solar technology with the power of blockchain technology.

Solario (SOLR) Crowdfunding

The Solario (SOLR) Token Crowdfunding ( ) is shaping up to be a historical event! Over 10 MILLION Tokens were sold in less than 3 hours! Everyone wants to help our world and themselves by buying these wonderful tokens and funding the Solario Project!

As a result, we are able to deliver clean energy 24/7 to any place in the world at a price so low that it feels like free energy.


See the website for full details including the Whitepaper.

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How To Increase the Gas Price Using Send Offline In

Do you have a stuck transaction on the Ethereum blockchain that remains unconfirmed?

This process will overwrite the stuck transaction with a zero amount, effectively returning the original ETH or Tokens back to you.

ethereum stuck transaction

Navigate to the “Send Offline” on the menu at the top.

In the top bar, change the Gas Price in the dropdown menu. If you not sure what to use, then refer to the value indicated by

Step A

  • Enter the “From Address” of the stuck transaction. Click on the GENERATE INFORMATION button. Please note, this is the address you are sending FROM, not TO. This generates the nonce and gas price.

Step B

  • Enter the “TO ADDRESS” and the “AMOUNT” of 0.
  • Enter the “GAS PRICE” as it was displayed to you in step A. (it usually populates this for you)
  • Enter the “NONCE” as it was displayed to you in step A. (it usually populates this for you)
  • The “GAS LIMIT” has a default value of 21000. This will cover a standard transaction. If you are sending to a contract or are including additional data with your transaction, you will need to increase the gas limit. Any excess gas will be returned to you.
  • Select your wallet file -or- your private key and unlock your wallet.
  • Press the “GENERATE TRANSACTION” button.

Step C

  • The data field below this button will populate with your signed transaction.
    Click the Send Transaction button. This will broadcast your transaction once you confirm it.
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